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28 December 2010 @ 05:27 pm
Christmas just passed and the very next day, I received news that a friend passed away. He was on the boat that capsized off Pulau Sibu. It was boxing day when the accident happened. We're attending the funeral wake tonight.

It's just tragic. No other way to describe it.

One of the other deceased was his cousin who was due to get married next year. The other deceased were his friends. Up till now, there is still on more of their friend who is still missing.

After I got to know about his passing, I spent the night going through his facebook page. Looking at his pictures broke my heart. There were pictures of his mother, whom he lived with. Pictures of him doing the things he loved, always looking happy. He was a soft spoken guy with a super easy going disposition. Always had a smile for everyone.

It's been raining the whole day. Even the sky is crying. Crying that you've been gone too soon.

Ben, you'll be sorely missed. See you later.
25 September 2010 @ 04:36 am
My friends find me hard to shop for. This year, I got a Forever 21 e-gift certificate from them as my birthday present. My order is at Vpost currently. I'm waiting for my Drugstore.com order to arrive before I ship them back to Singapore.
So what did I buy? (or should I say what did my friend's e-gift certificate get me?) Here's some pictures of what I bought. I went overboard with the shopping and went over the amount given to me. Oh well.....

I would like to that my girls for this.
Awesome birthday present :)
31 August 2010 @ 12:45 am

It somehow seems inevitable, friends do grow apart. IT happens. 

Friends will always be friends, the thing is what kind of friendships will it be?

It's possible a friend can break your heart harder than any man can. 

Friendship requires effort, just like any kind of relationship. 

It's sad when I see people just let it slide or tell what they think are little white lies.

Even when I see conflicts between friends, it's pretty saddening.

But it just makes it clearer who are the ones that ALWAYS got your back.

Not the ones who call only when they are in trouble or want to go out and party.

Friendship is never easy to maintain, it's hard work at times.

But I believe it can only be reciprocal. Not a one way street. 
31 August 2010 @ 12:29 am

My birthday is in a week. Somehow, this year I'm not that hyped up about. I'm just going for dinner with my family on the day itself. I'm meeting my girls this Friday for dinner, my cousins next Monday. No craziness this year. Yes, we do mellow with age. Haha.
10 August 2010 @ 12:33 am
Launch of new accessories website!

Super affordable pieces that you'll love.

Nicole Richie inspired necklaces!

Lady Gaga inspired hair bows!

Lots of fashion jewelry!
16 July 2010 @ 03:54 am
Some pictures of the hotel from my most recent trip.

Hotel living is fine for a while, after a while,
I look forward to going home.

Glass Elevators. You'd probably not want to stay here if you have a fear of heights!

Often in hotels, I set up my "workstation".
Here's my work area at the beginning of the trip

Here it is on the last night before I flew back to Singapore.

Messy I know.

And yes, I was watching Glee :)

I attended this super huge fashion exhibition.
Imagine 3 times the size of Singapore Expo.
Will post pictures I took at the exhibition next time.
It's almost 4am and I need to go to bed!

Good night world.
07 July 2010 @ 01:09 pm

I'm out alone today, Ed is busy doing his work while mine is almost done. Found out walmart is actually in Shenzhen! Going there now. Wifi is pretty easy to get here too. Shenzhen is super crowded, making me claustraphobic!

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12 June 2010 @ 05:48 pm
I'm happy I brought along my laptop to the flea market, got free wifi. Yay. I have a flea stall today. Slept at daybreak, which means I had like 3-4 hours of sleep. Still have 2-3 hours to go and I'm already sleepy. Glad I wore my slouchy cardigan and the area I am in is pretty cold. The boy is picking me up later, to help me carry all the stuff. Actually there is nothing much to carry as I brought along my trolley bag.

10 June 2010 @ 05:07 pm
I suck at housework. Growing up with a mum that runs a maid agency amongst other things, I have had a domestic helper since I was 6. I remember I was leaving for school and my mum told me "When you come back from school, you'll have a sister!" so I went to school with happy thought of returning home to have a baby to play with. It was like having my own living doll. I got home from school and was introduced to my first domestic helper. Imagine my confusion.

Having a domestic helper present for many many years has somehow stunted my ability to be domestic I think. Now that I have my own house, it only amplifies my lack of domestic skills.

I have to go do my laundry now. Oh man.
10 June 2010 @ 01:02 pm
I'm bored.

Thinking of starting to do some photo shoots soon.
Fashion styling always gets my mind to work.

The rain makes me just want to curl up in bed with a book.

My room is like in a constant state of mess. Too much stuff around.
I'm like drowning in stuff.